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Dear guest blogger,

we truly appreciate your interest in a guest blogging partnership with us. With the aim to contribute solid and valuable content to our readers, we kindly ask you to read this guideline ?

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Do I get paid for writing an article for you?

We don’t offer monetary incentives for writing a guest article. We consider exposing your content a good way of exchanging value between both of us.

Do I have to pay to get published?

No, it is completely free ? Our editor will review the material you provide and decide on its publication.

How It Works

  • First and foremost read and follow the article requirements below ?
  • Write your article and send it in Word or Google Docs format to contribute@petshealthsupplies.com for review
  • The images should be in a large or vector format packed in a zip file and attached to the email (or please send a link to GoogleDrive or other cloud storages)
  • Any additional resources like headshot image and author bio can be included in the email body
  • We can slightly edit the article structure to suit the blog’s writing and layout style
  • We’ll schedule it in the future and notify you by email
  • We’ll also promote your post on our social media channels. We highly encourage you to share the post with your audience too



We look forward to an article on the following topics:

  • Domestic cats & dogs health
  • Domestic cats & dogs care and maintenance
  • Domestic cats & dogs breeds
  • Interesting facts about cats & dogs
  • Any personal experience with domestic cats & dogs

NOTE: We don’t accept topics related to gambling, betting, CDF trading, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or similar. So don’t try offering us a blog post on these subjects. Also, we don’t accept articles containing links to these kinds of sites, or sites affiliated with the aforementioned subjects, unless those links are removed.


  • Must be 100% original and never be posted elsewhere.
  • Should contain 1200+ words. Posts with lower word count are acceptable, but not prefferable ?
  • Would be great to have 30-40 words introduction text for social media sharing ?
  • Please NO advertising, NO promotion, NO commercial content. Don’t use sales or pushy marketing language, the content must offer value to the reader.
  • Before you choose your writing topic, search the blog first in case we already have an article covering that.
  • Include attention-grabbing headline: Aim for a headline with a benefit in it. You can also provide a few alternative headlines we can choose from.
  • A captivating first paragraph: Draw people by explaining why the post is relevant to them.
  • Short sentences: One thought per sentence (aim for <20 words).
  • Short paragraphs: One idea per paragraph (<150 words).
  • Simple words readers have no problem understanding (you won’t get extra credit for fancy words):
    • Audience: general
    • Formality: informal
    • Tone: friendly
    • Intent: tell a story or inform
  • Please use lists and numbers to break your post into sections (improves readability and does wonders on social media).
  • We encourage you to include many examples and statistics to back up what you’re writing. These must be quoted and linked from verified sources.
  • Please check your grammar extensively – preferably using Grammarly. If your article contains a lot of errors, it will significantly delay the publication…
  • Always wrap up your article with a conclusion.
  • You can include links to your company site or blog – but they must be extremely relevant to the post content.
  • Don’t add too many links to your website or blog in the content; its best to keep 1 or 2 of them.
  • Please add a few links to well established high authority sites in order to increase the credibility of the content and back up your statements.
  • All links are “dofollow” by default.
  • Link to your site will also be added at the bottom of the post in the author bio box (more details at Authorship part).
  • We reserve the right to add relevant links or remove links from your blog post if we find them inappropriate or misleading.


  • Please use unique images
    • great if they are made by you
    • if you use images from online sources (make sure you have the rights to use them), it is easy to make them unique by using free services like Upscale
  • It is required to provide a featured image that best presents your whole post
  • Optional, but highly recommend is adding 2-3 relevant images inside the post
  • Feel free to insert animated images (GIF) if they are relevant


  • We will create a user for you and the post will be published under your name at the top.
  • We will also provide you with an authorship box at the bottom of the post that can link to your site and/or your social profiles.
  • Your author bio should be <250 characters (including spaces). The headshot image for your authorship box would be also awesome.
  • You’ll be listed on our Expert & Contributors page

Our editorial team

We are carefully monitoring the content of the text:

Step 1: we use Grammarly and related tools to check morphological and syntactic correctness, as well as tools to search for duplicate content on the Internet

Step 2: proofreading and editing

Thank you, we appreciate your interest!