If you knew that nearly 86.5% geckos die very young and within two years of their captivity, then you’re going to discover in this message how to stop that from happening. True, it’s not easy to raise a Tokay gecko as pet.

With the geckos originally coming from deserts, the biggest problem that most owners face is creating the right kind of environment for the gecko to comfortably grow up in outside their natural habitat.

Moreover, owners are often confused with the lack of genuine information on how to take proper care of the geckos, particularly during the first 24 months of their lives, and how to handle them correctly, what to feed them, how to take care of common illnesses and so on.

Because of these two major problems, raising a Tokay gecko as pet often turns into a sad experience. Many geckos die too young, and most often, such untimely death is attributed to lack of correct knowledge on the part of the owners.

Actually, you can stop this from happening with a little preparation.

I know the insider-secrets of how to bring up Tokay geckos perfectly and that is exactly what I am going to share with you, right here in this message.

My name is Elizabeth Tan.  I fell in love with Tokay geckos when I was just a kid. A small group of family members and friends knew about this passion of mine.

So, word went around that I was some kind of an “expert” on Tokay geckos. Then slowly and slowly, I started getting swamped with questions from gecko owners.

Most of these queries were extremely worried owners, who were seeking my suggestions on what to do with their pets that were in problem or were behaving unusually.

You won’t believe how I started getting frantic calls at odd hours of the day or night from desperate gecko owners.

There were so many questions:

Just think, these people had no idea on what to do. Those among them who had problems with the health of their geckos were perhaps in their worst state of minds.

Imagine for a moment, what could have happened if you were in their position.

What would you have done?

I could not leave it there. I felt the pressing need that something must be done, and that too urgently, to mitigate the problems of clueless gecko owners.

In fact, it was really becoming very straining on my part to attend to so many individual queries. I tried my best to reply to all the calls and mails I received.

But I hardly could manage all the things nicely.

It was then I decided to come up with a handy and helpful guide for this reptile loving community, which will be one single point of exhaustive information on how to bring up Tokay geckos in the right manner.

I had to research out each little thing about the Tokay gecko, interact with professional breeders, get emergency care tips from vets, and document all my personal knowledge and experience spread over many years.

If this guide is with you, then I’ll bet, you’ll be the most relaxed and least worried person around about your Tokay geckos.

I have named this absolutely indispensible guide – “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko”.

The word “Secrets” is there because you’ll not find this information in any pet store.

No professional breeder would ever share with you all that I have shown here.

So if you’re a true Tokay gecko enthusiast, then this guide is something that you can hardly refuse to own.

Now just imagine for a moment:

Today you are moving around with your bright-looking tangerine or lavender gecko sitting on your shoulder or peeping out of your shirt pocket.

People around you are eying your possession with admiration and envy.

Tomorrow, things could be entirely different.

You could suddenly notice your gecko with sweaty-looking skin, cloudy eyes, crusty mouth, sagging jaw, lying back in its hide, listless and noticeably slow.

And then, how would things be like when you’re desperately looking out for something to revive your ailing gecko and you could hardly find anything worthwhile around?

Yes, my friend, I have gone through these days.

My own geckos and those of other people had put me in such anxiety.

It was then when I decided to write this guide, “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko”.

I wanted to put everything in one place, so that anyone, even a novice on Tokay geckos, will find everything handy just at the time when he needs it most.

This amazing guide is virtually an A-Z, one-stop destination on everything that you’ll ever require to know about Tokay geckos.

You’ll learn from here about their selection, their upbringing, their care, their breeding, their treatment, all written out in a lucid style, with practical, easy-to-implement, handy tips.

You’ll easily come to know:

Just to make this offer even MORE irresistible. I’ve decided to create this bonus that I know you’ll absolutely LOVE…

Ever wondered if you could breed your own tokay geckos? How cool it would be to have a family of tokays to care for and watch them grow? Here, I’ll show you step-by-step exactly what to do (it’s quite simple actually!). Everything you need to breed your own tokay geckos.

It contains exclusive and exhaustive information, all written from a practical angle relying on my experience spread over years.

So you can trust “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” and get hold of your personal copy in the very first instance.

Now perhaps you’re able to figure out why I had said right at the start of the message that I am gonna expose the best of the best insider-secrets on bringing up Tokay geckos perfectly.

I’ll bet, with the amount of information I have packed in “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” it’s completely a winner by itself.

Believe me, “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” is superbly ahead of anything in the market that even remotely tries to come closer to it in terms of extent, depth and clarity of handling.

Now if you’re thinking you’ll have to shell out a hell lot of money to own your “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko”, you’re wrong.

Just imagine, your child or your partner watching his or her dear leo getting slowly and slowly out of form.

And you’re standing and watching, day in and day out, completely clueless how to handle the situation and stop things from going out of hand.

Get your very own copy of “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” today, right now by clicking on this link:

Yes Elizabeth, I don’t want any risks. Rush my copy TODAY!

So no waiting! You can access your “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” plus all the incredible bonus titles right now by clicking on this link:

Remember, no amount of money can ever compensate any break-up of relationship. When it’s over, it’s over for once and all.

So when you still have the time and the opportunity, don’t compromise and watch your Tokay gecko die an untimely death.

Go ahead and get your own copy of “Secrets of Caring for Your Tokay Gecko” and the exclusive Bonus titles right now, before it is all too late.

YES! Elizabeth, I’m convinced!

Your stuff seems to be great and I think will help me a lot to take care of my Tokay gecko properly.

And particularly when I am having the option to get my money refunded if I find your stuff not up to my expectation, I am willing to give it a solid try.

Pay By Secure Server. 100% Safe.

See your Tokay geckos living 10 years or more!

For any inquires regarding these materials, feel free to email me at Elizabeth@tokaygeckoguide.com

P.S. – Oops, I just forgot! The bonus is “How to breed your gecko” … you’ll want this bonus if you want to experience the joy of breeding your Tokay Gecko.

No more bragging, Elizabeth! I want my Guide now, right this moment!

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