Sphynx cat is one of the most unusual breeds in the world. They do not leave anyone indifferent. This is a very young breed, which is rapidly gaining popularity. What about a sphynx cat adoption?

For some, their appearance causes rejection. Gremlin, rat, bald freak, bat – this is not a complete list of epithets awarded to hairless cats. Others admire their unusual beauty, considering the ideal cat.

Description Of The Sphynx Cat Breed

Sphynxes are the dream of any photographer. They look really unusual. Not only because of the lack of wool, but the overall silhouette is also peculiar.

Pretty strong and muscular animals of medium size. An adult Sphynx’s weight is 3-3.5 kg.

Sphynx Cat Adoption

The wedge-shaped head with pronounced cheekbones is decorated with huge ears. Widely spaced, straight, they should be enormous. Big should be the eyes, which are described as having a lemon shape. The eyes of these cats are widely spaced and have no protection in the form of eyelashes. The color of their eyes is the same as the color. For example, the blue eyes may be the color of white animals or the color of the color color of color points.

Sphynxes have well developed cheek pads
Sphynxes have well-developed cheek pads

The Sphynxes are composed relatively harmoniously. The length of their paws is proportional to the size of the body. The back paws are slightly longer than the front ones. These cats have thick pads of paws and long fingers. Therefore, the Sphynxes walk as if on tiptoes, and their paw has an oval shape.

Sphynx cat breed

Feature Sphynxes, bewitching their owners, is the tail. Long and flexible, just whip, it curls up like a chameleon tail. Usually, a cat presses it to the side with a curl (perhaps in order not to lose precious heat).

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats

Sphynx Cat Skin

The Sphynx looks completely naked, but in fact, it is not. The skin of the animal is covered with cannon – tiny short hairs. The more pronounced wool covers the nose bridge, ears, paws, scrotum, and tail of an animal – a funny tassel may even gather on its tail.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats
“Suede” cat

Due to this feature, the Sphynxes are very pleasant to iron. The hand slides on the hot body like on a delicate suede. It feels like a peach. Absolutely naked (“rubber”) Sphynxes do not happen. There are hair follicles on the skin, and these cats’ hair is described as ‘visible naked’. Short wavy eyebrows and mustache can grow, although many Sphynxes do not have them at all.

Three-Color Sphynx cat
Three-Color Sphynx cat

Kittens are born folded and naked. With age, the folds are smoothed out. Some adult animals retain charming wrinkles, but lately, they have taken a course on “smooth” Sphynxes. The folds should be on the head, neck, paws. The skin of naked cats is thick (it’s hard to pierce with a needle!) and elastic.

Sphynx kitten
Sphynx kitten

Any color is acceptable for the breed, although the color may be challenging to determine due to the lack of coat. Skin can be colored in red, black, gray, or be colorless – gentle pink. Like people, Sphynxes sunbathe in the sun – in summer, their skin becomes darker in light areas.

Sphynx cat takes sunbath
Sphiyxes like to live in the sunshine

The hairlessness gene is recessive. It manifests only if it was received from both parents. If the Sphynx brings offspring from an ordinary fluffy cat, there will be no naked kittens in the litter.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: Origin

The mutation of hairlessness (gene named hr) was detected in Canada in 1966. In Ontario, an ordinary pedigree cat was born with a naked kitten, wrinkled like a dried plum. It was named – Prune.

After mating Prune with his mother, woolless kittens were born in a litter. To fix the mutation, he was repeatedly taken with naked cats. But the experiment failed – because of intimate crosses, kittens died and were painful. In 1971, the breeding of woolless cats was stopped.

Another naked kitten was born on the border with Canada, in Minnesota in 1975 with an ordinary short-haired cat. He was called Epidermis. A year later, Epidermis’ mother will give birth to another hairless kitten, this time – a girl. The Epidermis is bought by an amateur breeder from San Francisco, David Mare.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats
Sphynx cat adoption

Coupled with him, he buys a naked cat from Holland named Alopecia Totalis. David also had a third naked cat from North Carolina, which was successfully exhibited. But there is no information about the descendants of David Mair cats.

In 1978 in Canada, Toronto, a breeder of Siamese cats, Sherly Smith, picks up a cat with 2 kittens, one of which – naked. The black and white bald cat was named Bambi. He was neutered and lived for 16 years (until 1994).

In 1980, Bambi’s mother brought a new litter and two naked cats in it. Probably, these animals are unidentified descendants of Prune They go to Holland, where they were given the names of Punkie and Paloma.

It is a Punkie cat that was brought together with a cat of the Devon Rex breed. The result of knitting was hairless kittens in the first generation.

But let’s go back to America. On one of the farms of Minnesota in 1975 bald kittens are born. In 1981, the spouses of Person sold two adult naked cats in a cattery Stardust (Stardust) in Oregon, breeder Kim Muezk. They were called Epidermal and Derma. It has created some confusion, a cat named Epidermis is confused with David Mayr’s Epidermis cat.

sphynx cat adoption
sphynx cat adoption

Hairless cats were called “lunar” until the original and mysterious name “Sphynx” was invented.

Kim used to bring naked cats with different cats, but all kittens were covered with fur. Then, on the advice of another felinologist, she bought Devon Rex. Thus, Sphynxes were bred using this breed in Holland and the United States.

In 1985, there is a nursery of Sphynxes in Texas, and interest in them is growing. Naked cats continue to cross with Devon-Rex and American Shorthair cats, increasing the population’s gene pool. Catteries are actively exchanging kittens.

International Organization for breeding and breeding new breeds of cats (Cat Fanciers’ Association, CFA) recognized the Sphynxes only in 1998. In 2002, the breed standard for judging was approved.

Until 2010, the Sphynxes were allowed to be knitted with Devon-Rex. Now the breed is closed to inter-breed knitting. Sphynx is considered purebred, if its ancestors were Sphynxes in 4 generations.

Character: 7 Features Of Sphynx Cat Adoption

Not all Sphynxes are angels, as the breeders sometimes try to imagine them. Much depends on the conditions of detention and the right behavior of the owners. And most importantly, it depends on how compatible are the Sphynx’s temperaments and the people with whom it lives. At the end of the section you will see a table, which clearly shows that the same character trait can be both a plus and a minus.


social Sphynx cat
Social Sphynx cat

If you think a cat should be independent and invisible, the Sphynx is not for you. This breed is famous primarily for its desire to communicate. The Sphynx is always close to its owner, no matter what he does.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats

If not weaned, these cats climb on their hands at any opportunity and can jump on their shoulders. They spin under their feet and actively help in everyday life – they throw themselves on the floorcloth, take away the toothbrush, and gnaw at the pen you are trying to write with.

Sphynx cat gymnastics
Sphynx cat gymnastics

In addition to physical contact, the Sphynx communicates through “conversations”. Sphynxes meow a lot and willingly, in different ways, depending on the occasion.


playful Sphynx cat
playful Sphynx cat

The Sphynx is a real energizer, especially when you are young. Such a cat needs active games. Sphynx can chase a teasing rod to pant, which can not be expected from more phlegmatic breeds such as Brits.

Sphynx cat in toilet

Often, a naked kitten in the heart is called a monkey – not because of external similarities, but because of endless pranks. Sphynx, left unattended, can turn the apartment upside down. Probably, only Abyssinian or Bengali cats can overpower them in their activity.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats


tender Sphynx cat
Tender Sphynx cat

One of the advantages of Sphynxes is their love. They are always willing to respond to the affection, and they require attention, waking up and wiping about their owners. In a conflict, the Sphynx prefers to run away and hide, rather than enter into open confrontation. This breed is not characterized by aggression.


curious Sphynx cat
curious Sphynx cat

Even if the Sphynx does not leave the apartment’s limits, it will continue to explore the space again and again. It is essential to put safety nets on the windows, remove wires, and other access hazards.


hungry Sphynx cat
hungry Sphynx cat

Sphynxes have an intense metabolism, they need more food than a regular cat of the same size. You will be surprised how much one naked cat can eat if you give it the will. The owners laugh as they tell you how the cat faces them right in the mouth, hoping to beg for a tasty piece.


smart Sphynx cat
smart cat

Sphynxes have developed intelligence, which is confirmed by the stories of their owners. A cat learned to turn off the computer from one woman because she took it in her arms and caressed when she was rebooting the equipment. Another woman rang a particular bell with her paw, demanding food. The Sphynx can be trained simply by watching it and encouraging specific behavior.


Sphynx cannot be punished. The cat will not understand what for, and you will aggravate the problem. If your kitten scratched your legs trying to climb up, you can’t slap him. You can’t push your cat into a puddle made in the wrong place, even if it was your pillow.

touchy Sphynx cat
this is my glass!

Sphynxes are gentle and clingy cats, but their trust is easily destroyed by impulsive actions. If you take a naked kitten into the house, you better be patient beforehand.

The Sphynxes’ Nature: Pros And Cons

Character traitProsCons
SocialContact and affectionate pet, a lot of positive emotionsBadly endures loneliness, can be annoying, interfere
CuriositySphynxes are not cowardly, they come into contact with other animals, they adapt when moving, they like to learn new thingsClimb where you do not need, which is fraught with injuries – window, washing machine, dresser drawer
VoracityA pet will not be picky, willingly eating the food you offer himBecause of the constant sense of hunger, the sphynxes are prone to begging and stealing, and if they are overfed – obesity
FriendlyA good companion for children, it is unlikely that it will bite or scratch careless childrenIf you pay little attention to the Sphynx, it will experience stress. The pet has to be stroked a lot
ActivityThe cat is always ready to play and will not let you get bored, charging with its energyOften the houses are disfigured – scratching furniture and curtains, throwing things, destroy indoor plants

Care And Maintenance

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats
stop working, play with me!

The lack of hair is convenient for owners, but it imposes additional obligations on them. Sphynx is not a soft spot, but still these cats are demanding to be kept.

The basic needs are the same as those of ordinary cats. The pet needs to be vaccinated, given worms and good nutrition. Sphynxes have an excellent appetite. They can be fed as quality industrial food, as well as food of their own preparation. The diet must be balanced, otherwise skin problems begin, digestion is disturbed.

Naked cats spend a lot of energy on heating the body. They eat a lot and therefore they poop a lot. Often, Sphynx owners complain about the unforgettable smell of the tray. Still, a well-chosen filler and regular cleaning solve this problem.

Sphynx cat eating
Sphynx cat eats like a piglet

All Sphynxes have a propensity to gluttony. After sterilization, they are restricted in food to avoid obesity.

The specific moments of care refer to:

  • Eye treatment;
  • Cleaning the ears;
  • Bathing

Since Sphynxes have no eyelashes, they produce more tears than regular cats. Jelly accumulates in the corner of the eye, which becomes brown, oxidizing in the air. These excreta should be cleaned with a wet disc every day.

The skin of the Sphynx “sweats”. Brownish giroplate accumulates on it. It may be more or less depending on the action of hormones, animal diet, and season. If the Sphynx is not bathed, brownish plaque remains on your hands, furniture, and window sill – everywhere.

You should wash your cat with a special shampoo, and not too often. The owner himself sets the frequency of hygiene procedures, usually 1-2 times a month. Sphynxes are accustomed to bathing since childhood, but not all cats like this procedure.

adult Sphynx cat
abundance of folds – a sign of outstanding animal breed

The same brown plaque accumulates in the ears. If an ordinary cat has dark secretions in the auricle talk about the disease, it is typical for the Sphynx. The ears are cleaned with lotion and cotton pad, approximately 1-2 times a week.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats
go to work, human!

The cat does not injure itself or the claws’ owners. They are cut with claw cutters 2 times a month. While bathing, they wipe the nail bed from brown secretions.

Sphynx cat bathing
Sphynx cat bathing
Sphynx cat paws
Sphynx cat paws

Sphynx Diseases

Sphynxes seem defenseless due to a lack of wool. But in fact, they have quite good health. The average life expectancy is 14-16 years, and sometimes Sphynxes live up to 19-20 years. In general, this is an extremely young breed. All genetic diseases of the Sphynxes were “inherited” from the Devon Rex, based on which they were derived.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Hereditary heart disease pursues several breeds of cats at once. In addition to Sphynxes, GKMP is subject to British and Scottish cats, Maine Coons. With GCMPs, the heart walls thicken, and the cavity is reduced. Because of this, the heart can not pump blood normally. Signs of heart disease may be fainting, increased fatigue and low activity of the cat, and even sudden death.

Not every Sphynx is sick with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Even if no surgical interventions are not planned, the owners are recommended to bring their pet for a scheduled examination at about a year.

Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats

Syndrome Of Hyasthenics

Hereditary myopathy is a genetic defect described in Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Sphynx and some other breeds. A sick cat has few acetylcholine receptors – special protein complexes in muscle membranes. Because of this, there is an increased need for potassium ions and thiamine (vitamin B1).

First of all, the disease is manifested by muscle weakness – a cat can not lift its head, can not stand or even eat. Myasthenia is manifested at an early age (from 1.5-6 months) and requires constant observation by a doctor.

Skin Diseases

The Sphynxes are not really bald cats and are covered with guns (thin hairs no longer than 2 mm). Their skin does not require such careful care as the rubber Don Sphynxes. However, the Sphynx may have problems:

  • Increased formation of skin lubrication;
  • Acne, sebaceous glands inflammation (especially on the tail).
Sphynx Cat Adoption: 7 Amazing Facts About Amazing Cats

Often such diseases are associated with hormonal disorders or are the result of improper feeding. Also, the skin of Sphynxes should be protected from sunburns. Sunbathing and walks are useful for them, but there should be a measure in everything.

Diseases of The Reproductive System

Other Sphynx diseases may be associated with increased hormonal background. Cats and cats of this breed show high sexual activity. Because of this, cats not participating in breeding are recommended to be castrated. Sexual system diseases threaten only females:

  • Ovarian cysts;
  • Benign breast and nipple hyperplasia.

Feedback From Sphynx Cats Owners

We got the cat with the dog’s habits! I was recognized for my mistress, relations with her husband are cold. He answers to his nickname, jumps on the shoulder on command, meets me from work. He quietly endures hygienic procedures – bathing, ear cleaning. The apartment has no wool, and for me the Sphynx is the best breed in the world. The only thing that is very fragrant is going to the toilet, and often. Do not even try to save money on filler.

Perhaps our cat is not a purebred Sphynx, because it was taken without documents. But it looks stunning – like an elegant Egyptian statuette. Constantly meows, talks. And always ready to eat, gluttonous as an elephant. It climbs on his shoulder, on his head, on his chest. At the same time, burning can start climbing on his bare leg. Likes to sit on my laptop – it is warm, and on the stove! Can not wean. He wears toys in his teeth, very smart — tender

He is everywhere with me, I put up with it. No matter what I do – cooking, washing, my floor – he wants to help me or at least watch. He sleeps on the bed and interferes with my husband and me. Walk on the face or bite the leg for him in the order of things. It is a pity to drive out a bald man, he is like a child. In general, at night he wakes up a devilish woman, jumps on the furniture, turns the whole house upside down. We love her, we forgive her.

My Sphynx is the birth of hell. No, it is not aggressive, even on the contrary. He is always climbing on his hands, wants to pet and kiss. But my life revolves around the cat, if you describe all his leprosy, you get a whole book. He rides on the curtains and removes furniture, ignoring the claw. He tears off the wallpaper. He pulls the underwear from the dryer. Destroys toilet paper. Rinses off the toilet water, because it is fun. Yes, he learned to use the button himself! Steals food. Throw everything off the shelves and the table. At first I cried and wanted to return Benny to the breeder. Then I got used to it. Without him, life is boring! I’m going to kiss a warm bald tummy.

We have a girl Cleopatra Sphynx breed. I warn everyone that Sphynxes are not cats, they are children. They need to be taken care of, they need to be loved. If you don’t have time for a pet, don’t torture yourself or the animal, choose another breed.


Sphynx cat in the pan

The price of Sphynx kittens is stably high, so such a pet is rarely purchased out of curiosity. Evaluate your strength and capabilities on a cold head. Then, when the naked miracle is at your home, it will be too late. Sphynx will charm any skeptic, even those who previously spit at the sight of “bald” cats.

The main features of the Sphynx breed:

  • Lack of hair and unusual appearance;
  • Community;
  • High activity.

Suppose you are concerned about the problem of hair in the apartment, then in addition to Sphynxes. In that case, you can look at their parents – Devon-Rex or other curly cats – Cornish-Rex.

Questions and Answers

  1. Do Sphynx cats smell?

    Cats without wool smell especially if they are very rarely washed.

  2. How long do Sphynx cats live?

    The average lifetime of sphynxes, according to official statistics, is 9-12 years. This is not a little, considering the fact that in general, for domestic cats the average life span is 15 years.

  3. Do Sphynx cats get fat?

    Since the metabolism of sphynxes is much higher than that of other cats with a coat, and the energy consumption to maintain the right body temperature is much higher than that of other cats, then their diet should be “energy intensive”, sufficient and complete.

  4. Can you train a sphynx cat?

    Most of us think that training sphynx cats is a waste of time, because cats are hard to train, but it's not quite true if you approach this issue correctly.
    At the age of 8-9 months, you can start training the sphinx kitten, your favorite cat has already matured and will correctly understand and follow your commands.
    Before the training begins, you should observe your kitten to determine what she is prone to and to understand the tricks that can be taught to her. For example, the kitten wears toys in her teeth, which means she will easily learn how to bring objects or the kitten likes to climb, jump on objects, your kitten will easily learn how to jump the barrier or jump on her shoulder. Once your kitten's predisposition has been determined, we begin training.

  5. Why are Sphynx cats so popular?

    Bald cats were named sphinxes for their similarity to Egyptian sculptures of these animals, which are presented in the Louvre and the British Museum. Sphynxes are popular and beloved for their affection for their owners, tender and good-natured character.

  6. Is a Sphynx cat hypoallergenic?

    There is an opinion that the allergen is animal hair, but this is not quite true. An allergy to the sphinx is quite common, the reaction is caused by saliva and substances that release the glands of the cat. You need to bathe a Sphynx cat 2-3 times a week. Warm water will quickly wash away allergens, and they will not have time to harm your body.

  7. Do Sphynx cats purr?

    They do not live on their own like regular cats, but constantly demand attention, but do not meow, but purr. In addition, the sphinxes are completely devoid of aggression.

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Article by Stanley Harrison

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