Thank you all for understanding our opening of BOXES and Envelopes off cam until Steve and I get our negative tests back. We do not just want to let the boxes sit unopened or the envelopes not tended to.  I still ohhhh and awww on all of them……..because I LOVE boxes and am so grateful. Shamballie helps me!

And so, we had BOXES yesterday! My big thanks of gratitude…….

Plee–475 pieces of peppermint for the horses! Wag dog treats and a Yeowww banana toy

BillieK–Janie snacks–Pupperoni, Cesar packs–84-her favorite! Jar of Milkbone snackers

Janet & Susan–UK–case of Fancy Feast Naturals, case of Purrfectly Chicken packets

Ju-In-Ji–6 cases Gerber baby food

Donna & Robert R, AZ–Beekman pampering items for Jacci, cute cat card, donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Sweet Audrianna. Christmas ornaments for each volunteer, with their names on them!

MLS–long Derecho-type rug, sea glass green

Audrey & Gary–from the Popcorn Factory–a big tin, 3 flavors

Carla M–12 cans Blue Wilderness, case Friskies, cat snackers

Davena & Richard–UK–For Pania–her Pania Flakes, 4 nice collars, one is purple, for CDot, so I may hear him flying through the air to land on my shoulder!

Anonymous Friend–24 cans salmon

Mary S from CA–Aspen self warming pet bed & 25 egg cartons

Richard H–cat snackers and dog snackers

Mr. Meow–toys, toys, toys!  Cat snacks, Squeeze Ups, 6 lg. cans,11 tuna cans, 4 boxes Paws pouches, 1 box Delectables, Cat meat sticks (Covies especially love these!), Whole Hearted cans-4 pks/4 flavors

And then, we had Envelopes!  Love the cards and the kind words

Donna & Robert R & the Riley Rescues–Happy Birthday to Magic and chickie $$, card and puff balls for Magic

Jen & TR E, from CA–Christmas card

Ellis & Barb I from Defiance–card and donation

Dorothy D from TX–card & donation

Martin M–card with saying from the cats!

KathyInWV & Donnie & cats–Christmas card

Roger & Trudy S and Wilella–card and donation

Kathy & John S–Tickle cat card!

Peggy B from MD–card and donation

Matt & Darcia S and family–donation in honor of Dawn and Tom

Maria & Miranda in Sweden–Christmas card

Our new returnee Persian cat, Purlissa is now out and about in the Main Area. She just waltzed right out like she had never been gone! What a big sweetie she is. Loves attention. 

Yesterday was the vet day for Coralie and Sparrow. Here’s a preliminary update:

Sparrow–x-rays of her knees and growth plates.  As you probably already know, she had been a hit by car and fractured both knees which involves her growth plates.  Not a good situation for a young cat. Her left knee is still very bad. Her kneecap is no where near where it should be. She has trouble trying to use this leg and is already showing some muscle atrophy from disuse. Her right knee is not good but most definitely better than her left.  The course of action–remove the left leg to alleviate the pain and hope the right knee is able to get stronger and support her hind end. There is a possible surgery that may help her right knee. This all has been gone over by our vets Dr. Darcy and Dr. P. 

Coralie–she had x-rays and an ultrasound. Her heart, esophagus and trachea are all very displaced due to the mass.  It is still there. The good thing….there’s no real pain. There is possible discomfort from the displacement of her organs which relates to her respirations and eating.  Coralie is already a miracle cat–she survived severe frostbite and now she is dealing with this. Each day is a miracle for her. So, right now, we are maintaining, day to day. We are watching her weight, respirations, ability to eat, her color and mainly her happiness level. We will love her to the fullest! And remember………..she’s a cat and cats are awesome in their ways. 

You all take good care. Enjoy this day–each day can hold wonders for all of us! 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

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