In Memory of Sadie         12/28/2005 – 3/8/2021

Sadie | Shadow Cats

To say that Sadie marched to the beat of her own drum is an understatement. She lived her life on her terms and we loved her all the more for it.

Sadie was rescued after being found abandoned in an apartment building. We knew way back then that it would be tough to find a home for her. She never fit the stereotype as a cute, cuddly, friendly bundle of fur. Sadie was definitely not that so Shadow Cats was to be her home. But that’s who we are – we focus on the ones that are unique, the ones that have special needs, the ones that are deemed “less than”.

In her early years, Sadie did not like to be messed with at all. She did not seek out pets and a lap was out of the question. There are many that have succumbed to a swipe by our feisty girl when venturing too close. Many can tell that story! We even have the T-shirt, I survived Sadie!

At the old sanctuary, Sadie had lots of places she could just be herself. She lived in the Downtown area and she had places to be quiet. She had room to roam and she had outside space whenever she wanted. She was perfectly content and in the last years living there, she would tolerate a quick pet as she passed through.

If Sadie never wanted our affection that was ok. We loved her dearly, and we hoped, maybe, one day she would change her mind.

Well, after we moved into the new sanctuary last June it was a joy to behold the change in Sadie. She lived in the Oasis area with squishy chairs to sit on, a big bed to sleep in, windowsills in the sun, and a huge catio whenever she felt like being in sunbeams outside. She seemed so happy and she was! It was as though she just said ”Ok this love thing, and pets thing, and even the laps thing are not that bad”. We were thrilled! Sadie was getting into our laps, and for pets, and it was wonderful. We felt honored to have her sit in our laps. A loner most of her life, she became besties with several cats in the house especially Bette. Sadie and Bette could be seen cuddling in the same bed on many occasions. Don’t get us wrong, she could still give you a swipe, and she would still let you know she was the boss! The ‘ole feisty girl was still in there.

Our beautiful girl Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She had not been feeling well over the past few days. We did all we could to make her feel better, but an inoperable mass was found and we made the always very hard decision to let Sadie pass gently, surrounded by love, held close by those that cared for her every day. Sadie was 16.

We will cherish all the memories, dear Sadie. We loved you so much, you feisty gal! We can say unequivocally, precious Sadie, you lived your life on your own terms. You did it your way!  Rest easy, beautiful girl and fly high.

Many thanks to all who loved Sadie, near and far. Thanks to our staff, Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness, and her sponsors.

Sadie | Shadow Cats    Sadie | Shadow Cats
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