Des Calderon, of Uptown Cats Rescue, used my artful cat rescue photos, without my knowledge or permission, and put “Uptown Cats” on them.  He appropriated my property and my rescue work and is taking credit for both  I am a professional artist and volunteer cat rescuer.  I represent  Des did not properly credit my rescue work, calling work that I did, work that “we” did.  He made videos with my photos and he published my emails, all without my knowledge or consent.  I reached out to him regarding the rescue of the black and white cat, called Pepper, on the 167st construction site (those are my photos he used repeatedly for audience impact and for the benefit of his organization) and for the uptenth time, he ranted about how will he pay his morgage and support his wife And save a cat too?  He said that Pepper would be expensive and ‘have I reached out to other organizations’.  He made this sweet angel of a cat, that badly needed help, out to be nothing but a financial burden.  He endlessly complains about his personal finances and makes rescuing cats seem like a cross which is really unprofessional, repulsive, and counter-productive.  It conveys that he is not up for the job.  Per my experience with him, he is a rude, controlling, under-handed, and arrogant man.  He operates covertly with information and/or photos you give him. I told him to properly credit my photos and rescue work or take it down- he refuses to do either.  He also wrote a deliberate lie about me on his FB page to make himself look good.  “The woman gave us misinformation that she was the primary feeder”  is False.  He assumed things I never said, so he is the one with the misinformation.  He’s decided to ignore me.  Something really really disturbing is that he has cut me off from following up on the well-being of, Pepper, the b/w rescue cat from 167th street with the frost bitten nose that I asked for help with.  He will not tell me the status of her health or anything further about rescue plans for the cats at that location.  He has turned other people I coordinated with against me.  I coordinated this rescue.  I told him that cat rescue involves Team Work.  I guess he liked that too because he ripped it from me and used it to describe his “saintly” work to his public, while blocking me at the same time from his FB rescue page.  In reality, he doesn’t respect or understand team work. This man is petty, sly, vindictive, and mean; I will not work with him again.

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