Marni – Wild Blue CatsI discovered Wild Blue Cats! when a little black stray showed up at my daughter’s bus stop.  His chip led back to Wild Blue Cats! and that is when I found my perfect happy place.  I started volunteering for Wild Blue Cats! In December 2018.  I began as a socializer, then added in Adoption Counselor and Friday PM shift at the sanctuary.  Last spring, I became a team member at Kaylene’s Kradle.  I volunteer 4 days a week, but I think I would be here every day if I could! I could not imagine my life without Wild Blue Cats!  The cats, the people, the adopters….I love them all.

I am currently a team lead in Kaylene’s Kradle and a co-lead for the Friday PM sanctuary shift.  I love working with the cats in the sanctuary, but I think working with the ferals are my true passion.  Kaylene’s Kradle gives me the opportunity to work with pregnant cats who, for whatever reason, are not eligible for foster and need help through their pregnancy and raising their litters.  Working with the kittens, giving love and attention and medical care is a special kind of wonderful. I find it extremely rewarding spending time with these cats and watching them relax and learn to enjoy human companionship.  I think I find kinship with cats that need extra time to get to that loving and trusting place with people.  Which is probably why I enjoy working in Kaylene’s Kradle and visiting Maya’s Village so much.

I have 4 cats at home, all who have been adopted from Wild Blue Cats!  My big, handsome Harry, (FKA Horatio), is the stray that Marni – Wild Blue Catsbrought me to Wild Blue Cats!  I adopted him when his original adopter asked if I would like to keep him (weird, I know!).  Then there is Oskar.  He came from a hoarding situation in Pueblo and was my first love at the sanctuary.  He taught me a lot about patience.  Oskar is one of those kitties that needs extra love and attention, and a little medical care, which I am more than willing to give him!  And lastly, Yarn and Chloe (Yuzu).  These girls are sisters that were part of the very first litter born in Kaylene’s Kradle.  I have known them since they were born and was part of the team that raised them from kittens that we were not sure would survive, into these wonderful, crazy, opinionated girls that boss everyone around!

Like I said, I could not imagine my life without Wild Blue Cats!

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