Cats are loved by both adults and children, but there is one inconvenience in their maintenance – it is wool, which can be found everywhere in the house. During molting, the animals themselves feel discomfort, and a particular device was developed to help them in this regard. Today we will talk about the cat furrier, what it is, how to use it, and is the furminator safe for cats.

What is it?

Who has a representative of the cat family in the house, he knows how hard it is to clean the carpets, sofas, chairs, and their own clothes. The hair also interferes with the pet: during the washing procedure, part of the cat swallows, when the stomach collects a lump of undigested hair, it causes the animal to vomit reflex.

On the market of products for pets, there is a device furminator, capable of dealing with excessive “raggedness”. So, what is a furminator? Let’s take a closer look. This device looks like a razor tool; its design is a rubber handle and toothed blades in a comb. Due to the special shape and sharpening of teeth, the device effectively removes fluff and undercoats, without affecting the healthy coats.

Why cats lick themselves

cat licking

Besides hygiene, this procedure gives the animal a psychological balance. The hairs contain particular substances that regulate the nervous system of the cat. Vitamin B in their composition smoothes possible aggression and relieves stress. If the animal is deprived of the possibility of licking, it will die.

Because of the distance between the teeth, healthy hairs just slide between them. The ridges of the tool can be of different sizes, depending on the length of the animal’s coat, it is different in other breeds.

What breeds of cats will be suitable for?

Such a comb for cats as furminator is suitable for almost all breeds of cats, especially British blue and Scottish lop. Both species are neat and clean, so the washing procedure takes more time than other breeds.

Is the FURminator safe for cats?

Did you know? There is such unpleasantness as a cat fur allergy, but it is not a cat fur allergen, but a particular protein in the saliva of an animal. When a cat washes or licks, it soaks itself in this substance, which causes an irritating reaction. It is noteworthy that females have less allergenic substances than males.

Some cats are contraindicated to these devices: some breeds do not have undercoats, and the device can hurt them.

This applies to the following cats:

  • Sphinx and the Don Sphinx
  • Turkish Angora
  • Burmese cat
  • Singapore cat and some ginger cats
  • Oriental cat
  • Tiffany
  • Peterbald
FURminator for cats

Criteria for selection: Is Furminator Safe For Cats?

When choosing a cat feeder, you should be guided by the animal’s size and the length of its fur. By the way, don’t forget to wash the cat well, because clean fur is easier to clean.

What to pay attention to

First of all, they look at the width of the ridge:

  • 3.2 cm for kittens and small cats
  • 4.5 cm for medium cats
  • 6.8 cm for large pets (more than five kg weight)

Then you need to decide whether you need a tool for a short-haired cat or a long-haired cat: with long teeth for long hair, with shorter teeth for smooth hair.

Functions that do not affect the efficiency

Furmitators are available in two types: luxury and classic. The difference between them is that a more comfortable ergonomic handle and cleaning of the hair is done automatically in the first case. In the second case, it is cleaned manually.

If you discard the additional function of the “Lux” type, both devices cope with 100% efficiency, the difference in price. Whether you buy a more expensive tool or a cheaper analog, your pet doesn’t care if it’s comfortable.

How do I use it correctly?

It’s a good idea to use it carefully. There are some rules to know. The hair should be clean and dry; if there are tangled lumps, they should be removed manually to not hurt your pet.

Important: It is contraindicated to use a clipping tool if your pet has wounds or inflammation on his skin.

For your cat’s convenience, place the patient on his side. For long-haired ones, start with the bottom layer. The top layer can be held with a clamp, so it doesn’t interfere. First, move smoothly from the belly to the back, then move to the legs. Try not to capture large areas, so that the hairs do not get stuck in the ridge, and their lump has not damaged the device’s axis.

FURminator safety for cats

Cleaning short wool is more comfortable – you can start from any place. In any case, all movements must be calm and measured. During molting (spring, autumn), cat hairbrush is used more often – up to twice a week, at other times – twice a month.

Important! You should not move against the hair growth, so you will hurt your cat.


Let’s look at the list of advantages of the wool cleaning device:

  • Does not damage the skin as opposed to a simple comb
  • Distributes the fatty lubricant throughout the length of the hair, giving the coat a healthy shine
  • Reduces the amount of hair loss
  • Does not damage the structure of the hair
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates the need for expensive animal care in special salons
  • Suitable for other pets: dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.
Is Furminator Safe For Cats?

An animal in the house is a clot of positively charged energy, but as long as the pet is fed, groomed, and healthy. The way the pet’s coat looks is a reflection of his health, so its care is also essential.

Article by Stanley Harrison

Article by Stanley Harrison – a passionate cat lover who always ready to share his experience with readers. Happy owner of two cats – Chloe and Leo, a dog Rocky and a parrot Tweety

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