Many myths and legends about redheaded mustache pets claim to bring only good things into the house (and not only into the house) Therefore, many people want to get a cat of this color, believing that they will attract their homes’ desired happiness. Let me tell you more about the world of ginger cats.

Why ginger cat is ginger


If you are interested in this question, let’s start with a description of how ginger cats are born – namely, what color a female and a male should be for them to have a red kitten.

Ginger cat

Scientifically, these orange cats are called red, or cats with the orange gene. Females have two sex chromosomes, which are denoted by two letters “XX”. In males, this combination looks like “XY”. The orange gene is on the “X” chromosome. Therefore, if a cat has both chromosomes will contain red genes, then it will be red. If neither chromosome contains such a gene, it will be black. If one of the chromosomes contains an orange gene, a female turtle will appear.

How long does a ginger cat live?

Despite the average life expectancy of cats from 9 to 15 years, there are long-livers among them. Thus, on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records, there is a record about 27-year-old Velvet, as well as a 26-year-old Scooter from the U.Sā€¦ In September 2017, died another oldest cat on Earth. His name was Nutmeg. He turned 32 years old, or 144 “human” years.

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Choice of nature

This analysis also helps explain the fair observation of cats that orange females are rare. Often, you may find the question of whether there are ginger cats. Indeed, getting such females is a problem, because not so often there are individuals who combine two chromosomes X with the red genome from mother and father. After all, girls have two chromosomes responsible for color. Orange cats can have three color options: completely red, turtle, black. In cats, there are two colors: red and black.

Street cat

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Red cat color and folk beliefs

Ginger cats have been attributed magical properties for centuries. They are associated with many superstitions, which were formed as a result of centuries of observation. So, and in the XXI century, a vast number of people do not go on the road if a black cat crossed it. It is believed that this is an unfortunate thing.

But concerning red cats, there is a widespread belief that they, on the contrary, bring home happiness, good luck, and prosperity. There was a rumor that cats of this color represent light, sun, and warmth. If you keep an orange cat in the house, it is sporadic to see misfortune and bad luck.

Ginger kitten

Many people notice that cats are excellent diagnosticians and healers. There are many stories about how these animals lie in a sick place in humans, and after their exposure, the owner feels much better. Many people believe that it is the orange cat that contributes to a speedy recovery. It can relieve spasms and migraines.

Previously, it was thought that a fiery kitten could drive away quarrels from home, to establish mutual understanding between spouses, to remove envy and spoilage. It is also believed that redheads attract material prosperity (gold) to the house.

Sometimes the owners love their mustached pets so much that they are ready to give them all their fortune. The richest cat in the world is considered Blackie, to whom the owner bequeathed 15 million pounds

The behavior of a firecat in the house is also associated with several acceptances. For example, if the pet is wary or threatening to meet your guest, then most likely, this person is planning something evil. If the cat keeps up with you on your return home, asking for your hands, then perhaps she feels the negative energy from you, which she wants to remove. If the fiery beauty before the trip passes you the road from left to right, it is desirable to postpone the trip or delay it by 15-20 minutes.

Are there differences in character and behavior

Adult ginger cat

The genetic features of the appearance of fluffy redheads affect the peculiarities of their character. These are just assumptions but supported by observations of the behavior of cats of this color. Thus, it is believed that the characteristics of redheads are mind, audacity, and independence. These cats are playful, active, mischievous, and cunning. They are very fond of playing with children. There is an opinion that the brighter the animal’s hair’s color, the harder it is to get along under one roof.

All the above features are not scientifically proven. However, why ginger cats are the best? But it is a fact that cats with red color are more susceptible to allergic diseases and the fact that they are worse able to tolerate anesthesia.

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Ginger cats breeds with photo and description

Ginger color of wool you can found in many breeds of cats. Below we will list only some of them.

Savannah cat

Savannah red cat

One of the characteristic colors of wool for savannah cats is golden. These cats grow up to 45 cm and weigh up to 15 kg. They have thick, soft, fluffy wool.

They have a muscular, athletic body, triangular head, long neck, and elongated body. This breed came from wild animals, inheriting from them a propensity for freedom and dislike for human vice.

Cats of this breed are not suitable for keeping too busy people, passive, who prefer calm and quiet. Also, they should not be taken in the house with small children. They need long walks. They do not like affection, sitting on their hands.


Karakal cat - the most serious among ginger cats

Another relative of the wild animal is caracal. Its direct ancestor is a lynx. That is why the red color for cuttlefish is not a rarity. This animal has a flexible body up to 85 cm long, a long movable tail, and quite a large high planted ears inherited from the wild relative of the brush. Its coat is thick and dense.

Bengali Cat

Bengali Cat

A small copy of a leopard is often called a Bengali cat. This is a rare breed, the appearance of which was preceded by severe and prolonged breeding work. As a result, a cat of large size weighing 7-8 kg was bred. Despite the wild species, only 15-20% of genes were inherited by the “Bengali” from their predatory congeners.


Toiger cat

Toiger – a breed of cat with short plush hair, which is similar in color to a tiger. They reach a height of 49 cm, weight – up to 9 kg. They have wide bones, high shoulders, long head, muscular build, rounded ears, and face in an inverted heart. Toigers in everyday life are kind, affectionate, intelligent, unpretentious, tied to the owner, get along with children.

Pedigree cats should be bought only in official catteries, where zealously monitor the purity of the breed. Only half-breeds can be sold at a low price.


Persian cat

The Persian cat is one of the oldest and most popular. You can recognize it by its long fluffy hair, flattened muzzle, small, curly nose, and short, muscular legs. Adults weigh about 7 kg. They have a massive head, medium size body, strong jaws, small, wide-set ears. The Persians are calm, affectionate, intelligent.


Siberian cat

Siberian cats are recognizable by their muscular body, semi-long-haired hair, large, widely spaced eyes, ears with tassels. These are large animals with a bodyweight of up to 12 kg. Their wool is medium, thick, soft, hypoallergenic. Ginger color is a rarity for natives of Siberia.

British cat

British cat

British breeds may also have red kittens. In adulthood, they grow to medium or large sizes. They have a stocky body, round head, wide cheekbones, small, rounded ears, thick tail. The wool is short, thick, dense. These are excellent home companions, loyal, loving, affectionate, balanced.

Abyssinian red cat

Abyssinian cat

A lively and intelligent Abyssinian cat has a muscular body of medium length, long legs, and tail, wedge-shaped head, big, wide ears, long neck. Its hair is thin, not incredibly soft. Character is kind, independent, curious, loyal, friendly. This cat loves children and gets along well with other pets.

In conclusion, we would like to mention a few myths that surround the life of orange pets.

Myth #1: Are ginger cats always male?

The first myth is that only boys can be redheads. As we have found out above, this is not true. Red cats are just rarer because they have a more significant number of possible coloring options than cats.

cute ginger cat

Myth #2: Are ginger cats more aggressive?

The second myth tells us that cats with orange wool are lifeless, bold, and wilful. It is hardly possible to say that such qualities are inherent in absolutely all mustaches. After all, the animal’s nature depends on the breed, its ancestors, education, and other factors. Often, you can find comments from the owners, who either confirm or deny this statement. However, no one can say exactly what will grow your redheaded miracle.

Orange fuzzies are distinguished by the love of freedom, naughtiness, and sometimes impudence. Buying a red cat in the house, you can, among other things, you can check if folk signs and superstitions ascribed to cats with orange wool ability to cure disease, attract luck, money, and happiness in the house.

Article by Stanley Harrison

Article by Stanley Harrison – a passionate cat lover who always ready to share his experience with readers. Happy owner of two cats ā€“ Chloe and Leo, a dog Rocky and a parrot Tweety

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