The French bulldog is a small decorative breed of companion dogs. They are very playful and active, love children, as well as excellent loyal friends. Our article will consider a lot of French bulldog facts, their character, and proper care.

Description and character

  • Breed name: French Bulldog
  • Country of origin: England
  • Discovered: XVII century
  • Type: companion dog
  • Weight: 8-15 kg
  • Height (in the crest): 25-35 cm
  • Life span: 9-11 years
French Bulldog Facts

Despite the bulldog’s harsh exterior, the character of this breed of dogs is very balanced and affectionate. For these gentle dogs, an evening in the family circle will be much preferable to a long walk.

brown French Bulldog
grey French Bulldog

Dogs are very attached to children, love to play together, and are always ready to share toys. French bulldogs are very smart, and correctly assess the environment, adequately respond to strangers. However, when they feel the enemy, the bulldog will fight to the end (which is not the case for Siberian Husky)

Determination, bravery, and confidence in his abilities bulldog inherited from his formidable ancestors – the fighting dogs. For the protection of his master, this dog will engage in battle even with a giant dog. Therefore, the owner needs to be careful and in time to get your pet out of the ‘battlefield’.

most interesting French Bulldog facts

The French bulldog is the most suitable dog for both small housing and a vast mansion. Color can be black, white, beige, pale. It is also very quiet and will not bother you with loud permanent barking. However, you should remember that the dog often snores.

Story of the origin of french bulldog

According to the most popular version of these animals’ origin – French bulldogs came from English, fighting dogs of the small format.

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However, not all dog lovers liked dog fights, so the French bulldogs eventually came out of the battles. Cynologists also indicate that among this breed’s ancestors were, now extinct, Spanish bulldogs – Alaunts.

This breed was bred in England, from the beginning, due to its compact size was popular among seamstresses who used these dogs as pets and rat hunters. Over time, the seamstresses who emigrated to France also took dogs, which became very popular among the local elite.

Marie George with husband
woman with French Bulldog

In prestigious circles, dogs of this breed were very appreciated. Only very wealthy people could afford a French bulldog. Since the breed was registered in France, it was called “French Bulldog”. However, this version is not the only one.

French bulldog puppy price

If you want to choose a healthy and beautiful puppy of this breed, take a dog in a particular kennel or club with a good reputation. After visiting several exhibitions and looking through the catalogs, take the puppy that you like most.

French bulldog puppy price

First, you need to decide for what purpose you choose a dog. It depends on the meaning of buying a dog, and what budget you should set aside for buying it. Pets of this breed are usually divided into three broad groups:

  • pets
  • dog show (show class)
  • to produce offspring
French bulldog puppy

If the former want your love and affection, the latter can win prizes at exhibitions and with the help of third easy to breed. It should be noted that the exhibition group’s dog is not always used for breeding the breed. The pedigree of the dog becomes decisive in this case.

Did you know? French bulldog can not swim. A heavy body and short paws do not allow the dog to keep on water. And also, because of its physical characteristics, the animal can not reproduce on its own. Therefore, they are bred with the help of artificial insemination.

If you choose a bulldog puppy, pay attention to its character and temperament. Despite personal preferences, cynologists recommend choosing an active and playful animal. Be sure to look at the mother of the puppy, so you can assess his psychological health. The baby’s physical health is no less critical (soft elastic stomach, cold, wet nose, etc.); find out if the dog has received all the vaccinations.

French bulldog puppy vaccination

A movable puppy with strong bones, smooth legs, and a broad back will be an ideal choice. Depending on the class and pedigree of the French bulldog, puppies can be purchased for 120-1500 USD.

Comfortable conditions

Due to their short hair, these animals are cold in winter, and bulldogs have trouble breathing in the hot summer. So try not to walk long outside with French bulldogs in the winter frost and summer heat. Also, this breed is not intended for aviary maintenance.

French bulldog puppy care

French bulldog facts: most important

In the following, we will look at French Bulldogs’ correct content, especially their puppies, and what care they need.

Fur care

The short hair of these dogs does not require much care. The back and sides of the pet should be cleaned with a brush or massage mitt. This will remove dust and dead hair, and a pleasant massage will improve the dog’s blood circulation.

Attention to the claws

Cut the claws need a claw guillotine once a month, sharp ends smooth with a file. The dog has soft claws. They should be shortened if they are very long and sawn if they are notched.

French bulldog claws cut

Long claws very much interfere with the animal, as it transports its weight on the leading leg. If the claws are too long, it forces the dog to change his gait, leading to deformations.

Eyes, ears, and teeth

A healthy animal has shiny eyes and will not tear. To prevent them from souring, you should wash them with a soft cloth, previously soaked in tea once a week.

French bulldog eyes care

Since the ears of this breed are always open, little sulfur accumulates in it. With a damp cotton swab, they should be cleaned once a week. A healthy animal ear should be pink, without sulfur, unpleasant smell, and excreta. If you have noticed that your pet is waving his head, he may have otitis. In this case, you should see a veterinarian.

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Bulldog teeth should be brushed once a week with a special toothbrush for children. To prevent the appearance of tartar, you should feed the dog fresh tomatoes and solid food. It is better not to clean the dog’s teeth yourself and entrust this process to the veterinarian.


Bathe the bulldog once a month. After each bath, you should dry him well with a towel or hairdryer.

French bulldog bathing

Also, make sure that your animal does not sit on the draught after bathing.

Important: One of the weaknesses of this breed of the dog during walking is the dependence on temperature and humidity. Heat exchange is difficult for these animals, so they are subject to overheating or hypothermia.


You should walk with a French bulldog in the summer early in the morning or in the evening when there is no heat. Puppies of the French bulldog should be kept in the shade in windy places if you are going out during the daytime.

In winter, dogs should be dressed and taken outside for a short time in the frosty weather.

how to dress French bulldog

In no case, you should not leave your dog unattended in the street, although he does not like a leash, because before you can blink, as a pet chases a cat or other animal and disappears from sight.

Use a special collar with a leash mounted on the pet’s chest, as a regular collar will often strangle the puppy due to breathing difficulties.

French bulldog on the grass

Correct nutrition

Develop a food for your pet with the thought that this breed is not very mobile. You need to calculate the right amount of food for the day to feed it properly. A pet that licks an empty bowl after meals needs extra nourishment. But remember that dogs of this breed are gaining weight very quickly.

Dry or natural food

French bulldog can be fed with both industrial diets and dishes made of natural products. Here, the owner must decide what is more comfortable for him, of course, not to the detriment of his four-legged friend’s health. Also, it is essential not to mix these two types of feeding.

Dry food, of course, if we are talking about high-quality brands, will provide the animal with everything he needs, and the owner will be helped to save time on cooking. In addition, they have high assimilation, low allergenicity, and can be selected based on the Frenchman’s individual characteristics.

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curious French bulldog

You can feed these animals, both ready-made food and natural food.

As for natural food, it can be considered a more diverse and useful option. It is hard to imagine, but these cuties were once intended for severe fun, only their need for high-calorie food in memory of this. And for the dog not to “swim fat”, it is important to provide it with the additional load. Here, an essential aspect is the correction of nutrition – both nutritional and portion size and other nuances are taken into account.

Whichever food the owner prefers, it will be useful to organize diet days for the dog once a week to give him about half or slightly less than a daily diet. Despite the sullen look, it will be suitable for the pet.

French bulldog nutrition

The first option already includes all the necessary minerals and vitamins needed for the animal. Such food is hard and useful for your pet’s teeth, it is convenient to store and take with you on a trip, and there is no need to cook it. If you feed your bulldog dry food, provide it with plenty of water.

In the case of feeding with natural food, there are many allowed and prohibited foods.


When feeding with natural products, an adult dog needs more meat – its part should not be less than 50%. The diet should include beef, poultry meat. It is not often possible to give the pet boiled by-products. With meat in the broth, porridge is cooked – from barley, buckwheat, pearl, rice groats. You can add boiled vegetables to the dishes or give them raw—season porridge with sunflower or olive oil.

The best are:

  • lean meat (turkey, rabbit, veal)
  • seasonal green vegetables
  • cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal)
  • boneless sea fish
  • fermented milk products
French Bulldog Facts That Few People Are Aware Of

A pet can earn intoxication by eating a lot of onions and garlic. If it turns out that the pet suffers from food allergies, you should find out what causes it. And if many foods become a threat to health, it is better to transfer your pet to a hypoallergenic ready-made diet.

Most dangerous are:

  • oily meat
  • tubular bones
  • smoked products
  • beans, beans
  • chocolate
  • macaroni
  • river fish


For people who are not trained, training these dogs can be quite tricky because of their stubbornness. Bulldogs lose interest in exercises and games that are often repeated. For this reason, the training must be very varied and intense.

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Encourage your pet during the training with treats and caresses. Do not shout or be aggressive towards your puppy, as this can make things worse. In the home conditions of French bulldogs, training is very long and challenging, about six months. Therefore, it is often recommended to ask for help from a training specialist.

French bulldog puppy training

The most important postulate of dog training is to continually maintain a balance between the animal’s behavior and its consequences. The bulldog behaves in a certain way, and this leads to some actions from others. The relationship between these two factors can be both positive and negative. Since a dog is an ingenious animal, it will soon understand and accept this relationship. Whatever action the dog has done, you should react to it no later than 10-15 seconds. Any delay will allow the French bulldog to do some more action, which will prevent him from correctly interpreting the host’s reaction.

Basic prohibition

The owner must be firm when handling the puppy. It is best to start raising your puppy from the first time he is fed. Young dogs always feel hunger. Their sense of smell is well developed, which allows them to determine precisely what dishes are served on the host’s table. The puppy’s tactics are quite simple.

He sits on the floor in the sight of the owner and, for a few minutes, carefully watches how he eats. Usually, this is enough. Looking at the unfortunate hungry puppy, the man gives in to a feeling of pity and gives him a piece from the table. Do not ever do this! Just once you give in to the dog in this matter, you will not be able to insist on your own in the future. The puppy will continue to beg, confident that the owner will not refuse him.

French bulldog funny dress

If you allow this, not only will you lose control over your dog’s diet, but you will also question the quality of his training.

Remember that the main rule of training is repetition. You shouldn’t expect a bulldog to start doing all your commands immediately after the first session. Even a person needs time to remember something. If the dog does not listen to you, it is not because he is stupid or you are a bad coach. It’s just that the level of intelligence does not allow him to perceive something new as quickly as you expect. Show patience.


If your dog behaves according to your requirements and obeys commands, be sure to encourage him. This will increase the likelihood that the animal will continue to perform only those acts that have received its owner’s approval. Pieces of food or praise can be used as a reward. A treat offered to a pet should not be the same all the time, as a recurring tip will gradually cease to seem desirable.

French bulldog with chain

By changing it, you make the training more enjoyable and exciting. According to specialists’ observations, encouragement is the best way to form an animal’s behavior. You should praise the dog in a gentle, quiet voice. It is best to stroke it on the back and treats it with a piece of delicious food.

Possible difficulties and diseases

Animals of this breed are subject to many diseases, for example:

  • dermatitis skin folds on the face
  • atopy
  • bowel wrap
  • chronic hypotrichosis
  • difficult births
  • allergies to many products
  • interfinger dermatitis
  • urolithiasis

If you need a cheerful little friend, who will cheer you up and bravely defend you, the French bulldog is a perfect choice. In this article, you will learn about the breed’s main characteristics, with which you can choose whether or not to take the bulldog as a pet. Despite the presence, as with any breed, pros, and cons, these dogs will be an excellent choice for active, cheerful people.

Article by Stanley Harrison

Article by Stanley Harrison – a passionate cat lover who always ready to share his experience with readers. Happy owner of two cats – Chloe and Leo, a dog Rocky and a parrot Tweety

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