When we decide to get a pet, we just go for our own desires in most cases. It is possible and necessary to enjoy a fluffy pet’s fun to enjoy its presence in the house, but clearly not enough.

You should always remember the words of A. Saint-Exupery that “we are responsible for those who are tamed” and understand that together with the feeling of happiness and positive emotions, you acquire greater responsibility for someone’s life, safety, health, and mood.

yawning kitten

Separation of kittens from mother

The appearance of a kitten, its adaptation to new conditions, its attitude towards you, certain educational aspects should not be allowed to go away. Everything must be clear, understandable, and correct system adopted by both sides.

The care and education you provide must be sensitive to your pet’s interests and not to the detriment of your mood and state of mind.

Before you bring a new tenant into your home, you should do a little preparatory work:

  • put all detergents, creams, and wax in lockers or boxes that close;
  • hide the electrical wires, television, and Internet cables if possible, or at least secure them so that they do not hang loose or tempt you to chew on them;
  • if there are no mosquito nets on open windows, you will have to install them.
  • try to eliminate any gaps or narrow passageways that are difficult for you to access, where your little friend might get stuck, and you might find it challenging to help him in time.
Correction Of Kitten Behavior

If you like indoor flowers and your home has many of them, check if there are no dangers to fluffy health. If they are available and you can’t part with them, then take them to a place beyond the reach of a young researcher.

Do you know? The Chinese are sure that the cat chooses where to live, so it can’t be imposed by its owner. In ancient times, even a law was passed. Suppose a cat left its owner and settled in another territory. In that case, it automatically gives the person who owns this land.

It is best to transport the kitten in a special basket with soft bedding and absorbent diapers, rather than in the pocket or behind the sinus. You should not storm the public transport with it, for its peace of mind you can use your own car or cab.

kitten education

Try if you have the opportunity to instill your little friend in your home on the weekend. There are several advantages to choosing such a day:

  1. You and your family will be at home and will be able to get a huge dose of joy and delight from the first minutes of communication with your kitten;
  2. From the same first minutes of stay in your surroundings, a fluffy resident will plunge into a wonderful whirl of love, care, kindness, and attention. After all, your pet is undergoing serious stress.

He was excommunicated from his mother, who fed, licked, calmed, protected, and was always there for him. There are no other kittens near him, with whom it is both warm and fun. Everything is unusual in a new place; everything is frightening: smells, sounds, and further, alien creatures around – it is unknown what to expect from them.

kitten on my knee

Like young children in such situations, a kitten can cry from surprise and fear, hoping to find her mother and protection in her.

Acception of kittens in a home environment starts first of all with close contact with them: they should be ironed, soothed, scratched in favorite places, and the first night they should sleep next to their new owners, so as not to feel alone and abandoned.

If you already have some animals living at home, try to postpone the moment of the acquaintance of old-timers with a newcomer when a young animal will show interest and decide to get acquainted.

kitten with raised feet

It seems to children, especially small children, that they were presented with a real cat by good parents as a new toy.

Parents’ task is to have a preliminary explanatory conversation with the kids. When the arrival of this sweet creature in your home explains to children, you need to treat him carefully and carefully, without scaring screams and yaws.

This will avoid unnecessary scratches in children and aggressive panic in the animal.

Natural curiosity, however, always quickly overcomes fears about a new place to live and drives your new inhabitants to explore the environment. Of course, this is done on half-bent legs, ready at any moment to turn to a rescue escape somewhere under a closet or bed.

But the interest wins, and the process of acquaintance slowly but surely continues. Do not try to make your favorite happy by force and show him everything and everything in one day. He should show interest and explore for himself what and how much he wants.

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Kitten education rules

The utmost care and attention in the first few days of a kitten’s life in a new home should convince her that she is not in danger, that she is loved, and that there is someone to take care of her. There’s no point in punishing anyone for anything you think is wrong. He just doesn’t know yet how to behave appropriately to get your approval.

The kitten acts according to instincts, and he doesn’t know the owner’s requirements yet. So that in the future there will reign harmony and mutual understanding between you, with patience and affection, methodically and without unnecessary nagging, not postponing for an extended “sweat”, direct the development of your fluffy friend in the right direction.

kittens is sitting on scratching post

To decide for yourself how to raise a little kitten, you need to develop specific rules based on your own understanding of how you want to raise a kitten and stick to them strictly, or at least try to do so.

If the owner will act as a pedagogical “swing”: today to allow or not to notice some “illegal actions”, and tomorrow to severely report and punish for the same, then after a while, the pupil will simply ignore any requirements, or even establish their own rules.

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Your kitten needs to understand what can and should not be done in your home. At a young age, these creatures are very active, energetic, playful, and in the fuse can do things that you don’t think they can do.

If this is done in your eyes, the minimum penalty, such as shouting or trickling water from a sprayer, is acceptable to work out its inevitability and prevent such situations in the future.

kitten looks out from under the table

All your demands must be reasonable so that your kitten does not appear to be infringing on her independence or directly mocking her. For example, you should not sharpen your claws on the chair’s upholstery because there is a particular device for this. And if it did not exist, such a rule would bcareewilder the pet and a natural protest in the form of scratched furniture: create conditions, and then demand.

Important! Human hands for a kitten is a symbol of a mother-cat: we have to stroke, feed, and take him with them. It is not allowed to cause hand pain, including in aggressive games. The cat will no longer trust a person.

There is another essential nuance: to properly raise a kitten-girl, you should show more affection and tenderness to her and firmness in a boy kitten’s education.

The sooner you try to develop a mutually supportive lifestyle, the more exciting and harmonious your relationship will become. Some well-known adult cats have been attempting, and some have succeeded in bringing up their master for themselves, for their regime.

This is also the practice of hearty cries of a hungry creature at night: maybe they will be fed. It is also the insistent whining at dawn at a closed bedroom door: in case they feel sorry and let you go to bed.

kittens watching from a box

This is also a loud demand from everyone entering the house to immediately feed the hungry pet: there is not much food. Do not worry about these artists because you have already developed a regime and must follow it. If your kitten understands the firmness of your rules, she’ll be happy to stop these durability tests.

Do you know? Some cats don’t understand why their owners are not cats. It is known that they sometimes hide their socks in the corners of the apartment, and they sit nearby and wait for the owner’s reaction. Specialists explain this trick by the fact that cats try to teach a person … to hunt!

What to teach a kitten

The most crucial point in the learning process occurs when teaching kittens how to walk in the tray. In no case should you rely on the fact that your pupil will develop a habit of doing it culturally and carefully?

The older they get, the more difficult it will be to instill in them the fundamental basics of properly handling their needs. Most likely, this way, you will find yourself doomed to additional cleaning, that’s all.

kitten in the hand

If a little animal was punished or shouted at him for an inadvertent mistake in this delicate matter, without explaining how to act and where he may consider that he was right. Later on, it should be done secretly, in places inaccessible to the owner’s eye.

It turns out to be some kind of “spoiled phone”, not education.

If the kitten got to you quite a baby, and his mother did not have time to introduce him to the tray, it is up to you. And it should be done as soon as you bring it to your home.

Usually, after meals, kittens desire to empty themselves. You can calmly put the kitten in the tray, hold one hand, and gently stroke the little belly with the other. The result will not take long. It is enough to perform these manipulations several times, and a fluffy friend will understand the purpose of this new object for him.

ginger kitten near the tray

And if you got a more mature and wise mother’s experience animal, you will only need to introduce him to the new tray. It would be good to ask the previous owners what kind of filler they used because kittens may have their own preferences in this regard. To not provoke unpleasant surprises, it is better to use the usual for them tray filler.

Even if the kitten sometimes does not have time to get to the appointed place, do not shout at him and do not punish. You can safely carry it to the tray, even if the process is not stopped.

You should talk separately about the materials used to make the fillers:

  • pay attention to its scent: it’s not always the flavors that make the kitten delighted, so it’s best to give them up. * kittens can swallow the clay fillers they absorb and treat them as a toy. This must be stopped immediately.
  • compressed wood shavings are very sticky to smooth legs, making it challenging to keep the animal clean. The place for the toilet is chosen once. And he takes an active part in it.
  • It also happens that the kitten chooses a place and points at it with a shout, and after installing the tray marks it with a feeling of deep satisfaction. So, as you can see, the issue is serious and requires a thorough and coordinated approach.
little kitten on the floor

On the age at which you got a new friend will depend on how much he feeds. Kittens from 8 to 12 weeks should be fed 4 times a day, at the age of 3-6 months should be given food 3 times, and over 6 months, you can leave 2 feedings per day.

Naturally, it is necessary to set a specific time of eating or follow the former owner’s already adopted diet for this purpose. He should also find out what products or food were used in the kitten’s diet. If you want to diversify your pet’s menu, then introduce new products gradually, in small portions, mixing in already well-known to his food.

No matter how tender you look at the little lump of happiness, do not give him food from the table to not raise him to be a shameless beggar.

Your kitten should have her own specific place and dishes to eat. They should be kept clean and free of leftovers regularly. The food should not be poured too much. After all, a small animal eats a little, but often. Do not let him overeat or leave part of the food untouched.

how to Correct Kitten Behavior

Another problematic issue that always arises when a long-awaited pet appears in the house is clawing in the most unacceptable places and on the most expensive and favorite household items.

For a kitten, claws are a way to move around the curtains and curtains, on the favorite owner, to be close to him, on beautiful furniture, especially for this purpose, in his opinion, and intended. How nice it must be to feel like a conqueror of the tops, hanging on a door jamb and leaving intricate patterns on the wall.

Or listen to how funny the strips of wallpaper are rustled off. In such pranks, the most recommended deterrent or repressor of atrocities is a water pistol or spray gun. Its use produces a reflex: you will accidentally catch the curtain or wallpaper with a claw. You will be wet and unpleasant.

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Anticipating all difficulties with claws, without waiting for conflicts over property damage, it is necessary to offer a small pupil a scratching post. You can, of course, buy a luxurious device in a specialized store.

playing kittens

But it is not cheap, and it is not a fact that your kitten will like it. It is much easier to offer him an old wooden ironing board for ruthless use; you can wrap it with some thick rope. You can even cover the leg of the table with it. You can find and bring a piece of the dry wood trunk.

In general, you can improvise a little, agree with the user, solemnly erect this clapboard in the house, and then your environment will be intact.

Playing with a kitten

It turns out that such a fun pastime also needs a certain amount of time and frequency. To understand how to play appropriately with a kitten, it is best to follow the following simple rule: if possible, play with a growing animal at the same time 1-2 times a day.

During these 15-30 minutes, you can use different toys, ropes, bows, feathers, balls. Make sure that there are no too small parts or torn off pieces that can be swallowed.

playing with kitten

Many handy items can become the limit of dreams for the ubiquitous and active fluffy animal. An empty wooden reel of thread or a wine cork can be chased on the floor until exhausted. A woolen thread pompon hanging high above the floor to develop jumping and tenacity.

A paper bow tied to the thread can be tirelessly chased, caught, pulled out of the owner’s hands, and hide with his prey.

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If desired, you can find a way and items for entertainment and training of your pet. All toys should be immediately evaluated for their safety for the health of your pet. Never let your hands go. These sweeps only provoke the kitten to attack and generate aggression, which is absolutely nothing in your relationship.

It’s funny to watch as the fluffy lumps, at the request of the owner, serve their feet, or humbly sit on the tail, or lie down on a barrel on command. The main thing is not to overdo it and not turn the game into a boring kitten training. Leave them space to express themselves to strengthen and preserve the good relationship between the owner and the pet.

Correct kitten sleep mode

To make your pet feel safe in your home, offer him a soft, warm, protected from all sides’ place to sleep. You can buy a cat house for this purpose, but not that your friend will approve and love it.

sleepy kitten gif

You can adapt and equip a cardboard box with soft bedding as a sleeping place.

It is necessary to accustom the kitten to the idea that he is not alone and not abandoned but should sleep in his “crib”. Unless, of course, you decide to let him sleep next to you. Just remember that your kitten will quickly taste all the delights of sleeping together, and you will not be able to change your mind. He will not leave his place.

Important: Cats like to change the place to sleep. For them, it is a way of learning about the environment.

So do not be too surprised to see your sleeping fluffy friend in an unexpected place: in an open case with documents, in a box from a steamer or an iron, on a bookcase, in a basket, or on the sofa back. There is an active process of knowing the world and knowing yourself in it.

cute sleeping kitten

The challenges of raising kittens

The kitten education process cannot run smoothly and measuredly. This contradicts the energy essence of a growing organism that cognizes its environment, where absolutely everything is interesting. Therefore, you should not change the rules of its existence in the course of the action, as this will break the stereotype of the pupil’s behavior.

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Bans should be set once and for all. They are inviolable and obligatory.

If there is a violation of cleanliness maintenance, you should first exclude the disease by contacting a specialist. If everything is okay, and the breakdowns continue, then in no case should not “poke” the kitten’s nose into his “deal” or into the tray, indicating him in such a dishonest way, where he should go according to his needs.

This will only frighten him and develop a steady habit of hiding your faults and hate your tray. And the reason for this situation can be simple: do not like the smell of filler or the place where the toilet is standing.

kitten professional photo

Do not be lazy to figure it out, and do not blame only the pet. You should recognize your mistakes and try to correct them faster as long as you have enough time to do so.

Your communication with a fluffy friend can not be limited to necessary procedures, feeding, and games. It is wrong to think that the cat is not interested in “talking” with you: communicate as often. As much as possible, it quickly captures the intonation of the human voice and thus develops its intelligence. Therefore, you become a “creator” of your pet’s character, and the more attractive it is, the more interesting you are.

Correction of kitten behavior

Give your pet full freedom of action and not participate in forming habits and behavioral norms very soon. You can see unwanted for your manifestations of its uncontrolled activity.

To not lose the kitten and not to raise a monster in your home, you must take immediate steps to rehabilitate it.

The easiest way to dare from places and objects where it is undesirable to find your pet is to use water spray.

At a young age, he is not yet able to connect you to a jet of water released in his direction. Still, the unpleasant wet feeling will already be associated with a place and will not want to repeat his tricks.

kitten in bathroom gif

Cats are certainly night animals, but they are straightforward. They can accept any mode offered by you without any harm to their psyche. For the most part, these animals are left alone on the farm during the day and prefer to just sleep while waiting for their owners.

But with the onset of night, a well-rested during the day cat, nourished and clouded, full of energy and strength for games and entertainment. Whether the owner is ready for such fun, she is not interested, but you should correct the sleep mode as soon as possible, both your fluffy friend and yours.

It is worth spending 2-3 days to get the kitten accustomed to daytime activity: it is necessary to keep her awake during the day, to take what is called her exhaustion so that in the evening, she would fall asleep all night without hind legs. When this mode is set, try to find time during the day or in the evening for active games with your kitten so that she can use up her energy to prepare her for bed.

Many owners of cats could enjoy her singing under the closed door of the bedroom or bathroom. But she can’t stand the closed doors organically. It limits her movement. In general, if the animal is not going in this direction, it feels psychological discomfort from the closed door.

But if your friend receives enough of your attention and does not feel hunger, knows and accepts the order established by you in the house, he will not be interested and does not need to break in a closed door.

kitten and mouse

In other words, if you don’t like something about the behavior of your favorite kitten, then, first of all, you should understand why he is committing this or that ‘illegal’ transgression. Secondly, you should spend your precious time directing your kitten’s development in the right direction.

Raising a kitten is entirely your efforts, your will and desire to grow a real friend in your home, to give him your care, attention, patience, affection, and love, and in return, get a lot of positive emotions, the returning joy of your coming home, love and hot “kiss” with a cold, wet nose from the excess of feelings.

Questions and Answers

  1. Do cats have a favorite person?

    Everything may look different: a loving cat may sit on his knees, rumble loudly, may be afraid of you, or even demonstrate its closeness in some special way. For example, a cat can accompany its owner absolutely like a dog, or it can jump out of the bushes when he gets close to the house and follow him, leaving all the “business”.

  2. What does it mean when a kitten licks you?

    Cats like to “take care” of their congeners, as well as of humans. And yet, why do they do it? The reason why cats lick people is usually one: the desire to express their sympathy. Since early childhood, kittens are used to this kind of affection from their mothers, as well as they lick their babies.

  3. How do you calm a crazy kitten?

    A sharp sound will also help to calm the kitten: you can specifically throw a metal object on the floor to make it fall with a rumble. The purpose is not to scare the kitten, but to distract her from pranks, switch attention and reduce the playful mood.

  4. Do kittens remember abuse?

    A cat poops in slippers to someone who once spanked him or constantly bites the feet of someone who accidentally stepped on his tail … “Revenge! – say the owners, firmly convinced that it is the insult they remember cats for a long time. In fact, cats do have a very good memory – better than, for example, dogs.

  5. Why do kittens go crazy?

    Your new kitten is exhibiting perfectly normal behavior. It grows up quickly, eats a lot, and has so much energy. When it runs around like crazy chasing after everything, it's perfectly normal. If you accidentally see a bizarre or unnatural look on a kitten's face – yes, it's crazy, but it's normal for kittens. Each cat is individual, but as a rule, the hyperactivity decreases markedly after sterilization. Your vet may recommend that your kitten be sterilized for up to 6 months. You will also likely notice a few weeks before its first birthday that he will be increasingly drawn to you and just want a hug.

  6. At what age are kittens most playful?

    The juvenile phase begins at approximately 11 weeks and lasts until puberty, i.e. up to four or five months. The kitten becomes hyperactive and curious. The owner's task is to ensure its safety during this period. At the age of three months, the kitten is perfectly orientated in space, knows her name, is accustomed to the tray, and does not depend on her mother.

  7. How can I calm my kitten at night?

    First, try to make sure that the cat has played well all day and spent all his energy. This is especially true if you are at work until the evening, and the cat is bored alone. So it prefers to sleep all day, and at night, when the owner of the house, to frolic.

  8. How do you know if your kitten loves you?

    To the signs that allow you to understand whether cats love their owners, you can RELATE:

    purr, loud purr;
    gentle bites, “waking” of the head;
    twitching of the tail;
    attempts to bring their “prey”, toys;
    “trampling” during the purr;
    cat kisses, licking hands, and faces;

  9. Does putting a kitten in timeout work?

    Timeouts are especially useful for overly quick-tempered pet cats. However, you wish to see that you are not boosting your pet cat in play and, after that deserting them. All felines require time to unwind from play, so it is not recommended that you provide a timeout when they are expecting communication.

  10. Is it OK to spray a cat with water?

    Use moving water sprinklers to scare the cats away. Cats (even wild cats) really don't like water. Place moving sprayers with motion detectors in places where you observe cats regularly and where you don't want to see them.

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