Happy Friday! Spring arrived this week. And with it, so did the opening of our catio. It needed a good cleaning after on and off rain and wind. Olive was the first one out, followed by Dexter. Woodrow insisted that I carry him out instead of using the door flap. And then Sophie joined the party last. Harley never goes in the catio, so I carried him out to remind him it’s there. You’ll see below how he reacted to that.

Here’s what the cats were up to this week!

Perfect Sophie

Mama: 📸
Sophie: Let me see that. Nope! Do another.
Mama: 📸
Sophie: Gah! What’s wrong with me?
Mama: Nothing. You’re perfect. *∗whispering∗ A perfect little goofball.
Sophie: ∗sigh∗

Spring Smells

Olive: Aww, smell that fresh spring air!
Mama: What’s it smell like?
Olive: Sunshine, freshly cut grass, hoping and tuna crunchies.
Mama: Do you mean you’re hoping for tuna crunchies?
Olive: I mean, I’ll take ‘em if you got ‘em.

pretty tortie sniffing

In or Out?

Mama: Please make up your mind.
Harley: Don’t rush me.
Mama: Do you want to come out to the catio or not?
Harley: I’m thinking not. But maybe I should. No, you go without me. But wait, maybe? Can you give me a pro or con list?

siamese cat mix debating going outside

This is our version of in or out. We opened the catio back up today and Harley actually showed interest. (He never goes out to the catio.) I knew he wouldn’t use the door flap entrance, so I picked him up and took him out. He promptly said, no thank you, and shot through the flap back to the safety of inside.

Bothered Cat

Dexter: Excuse me! What are you doing?
Mama: Trying to put away the laundry.
Dexter: Well, this place is occupied. Do you mind?

cute tabby cat on closet shelf

Hard Life

Mama: Sophie, want to do a tongue-out Tuesday shot?
Sophie: Do I have to?
Mama: No.
Sophie: ∗sigh∗ How’s this?
Mama: Life’s so hard, isn’t it?
Sophie: Kind of!!

goofy white cat in basket with tongue out

Pink Woodrow

Wednesday with Woodrow ❤️

tabby cat resting on paw


Olive: I hope you’re not expecting anything cute right now.
Mama: Why?
Olive: I’m not in a cute mood.
Mama: But you’re always cute.
Olive: It’s a burden I must live with.

pretty tortie cat

Bonus Friday Bloopers

Olive was a little excited in the catio and wanted to get close up to show me. And I caught Harley’s big “NOPE” on being in the catio before he went back inside.

Stay safe, everyone!

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