Hi, my name’s Stanley, and I’m a proud owner of my Golden retriever Rocky.

Today I want to tell you about my training experience of my 6-month old puppy with Brain Dog Training course. I bought it two weeks ago, and I just can’t help but share my observations.

Do not buy the course until you have read this article!

I can assure you right away that I am not an expert in dog training, no! I am just an ordinary person like you, who was just looking for ways to raise his fluffy pet. So, let’s get down to business!

The reason I purchased this course

When I initially got my pet dog, she was a full nightmare. I’m sorry to state, yet her behavior was just dreadful. She would diminish the street, fight various other canines end even chew up just about everything around my house ?

I was already thinking about getting rid of her, as it was much more inconvenient than its worth…

I was entirely sure that something was wrong with my puppy because all other people had retriever behavior more than mannered. But one way or another, this is exactly the factor that led me to the described course.

How I came across this

The first thing I did was call a friend who has a very obedient retriever (he’s just a charm!). In the end, my friend advised a specialist, but I did not like the price. I almost saved up on a new Ford and didn’t want to spend part of my savings on a two-month expensive course at school.

How can they take such a price and not promise the result? I called a couple of other friends in an attempt to find a cheaper dog trainer. Still, these guys are really very expensive ?

By the way, searches on the Internet were not successful either. All methods of quick and cheap dog training were a waste of time and money. In the end, I came across another course.

Adrienne Farricell with dog

Who created this course?

By nature, I am a very suspicious person and like to criticize any information. So the first thing I decided to do was find out who the author of this course is and what kind of experience that person has on this topic. As a result, I found out that this girl is, in fact, a very experienced dog trainer. Moreover, her methodology has a lot of positive reviews.

The first test was passed: the source is authoritative ✅

Her name is Adrienne Farricell, she has more than ten years of experience working with dogs’ breeds.

brain dog training review

What to expect

As soon as you get this course, you will be offered two additional materials that are more recommended but still very interesting.

The homepage is perfectly made! Even a newcomer to the computer like me could quickly understand the structure. Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with all the necessary links. Again: all the information is organized very simple and understandable. You can instantly download the book in PDF format and all related materials.

That’s all!

brain dog training members area

After the purchase, I immediately began to study: the first section describes the dog’s bad habits in detail. It smoothly moves on to exercises to eliminate them. There is even a technique of training dogs with hypertension!

Well, I tried new tips for two days and found the first results. Fascinated by the early successes, I was impatient to learn more. Further on, the plan was a fun game that we enjoyed together with Rocky.

Here are the 3 games you get:

The ‘treasure hunt game’ that gets your dog back to his evolutionary roots and relieves the ‘boredom’ that leads to so many problem behaviors.

‘The muffin game’ to keep your dog mentally stimulated and out of trouble.

‘The ball pit game’ to drain your dog’s energy and make him easier to work with – all while they have a ton of fun and exercise.

I really liked this course because it was the awareness of all the simplicity of the process. We don’t even know how easy and pleasant it is to train a dog if you always follow simple rules. At the same time, you really have no limitations. The methodology is very flexible.

It’s like our own education: first school years, an emphasis on high school, etc. Then college and final exams. Suppose you start with the exam right away – in that case, you’ll probably never get anywhere, so it’s very important to train your puppy from an early age.

Format of the course

Each lesson in the course carefully leads you to the next, making the whole process extremely convenient. It really helps you to progress confidently and without unnecessary stress.

Each module starts with an introductory page explaining what to expect inside and includes a couple of links for a specific lesson.

The navigation is just as easy: each page has links to materials, video clips, and other resources. If my dog could read, she could easily understand it too ?

obedient white dog

Is the info inside actually good?

I expected to see a big book with a boring presentation of the material and boring practical tips. How wrong I was!

Frankly speaking, I was shocked by how easy it is to study information. All aspects of a dog’s behavior are painted down to the smallest detail and – most importantly – every piece is carefully described in the video lessons.

The author of this course has worked through every detail, every lesson, and every video. I really doubt that you will find something similar in other similar studies.

What’s inside?

Let’s lift the veil of secrecy and look at the course from the inside! There is actually a lot of information here. But don’t worry: you can go back to some chapters in the future.

Here’s a bulleted list of what you get:

  • Six modules of videos: (ranging from preschool to elementary school to High School to college to university and to graduation)
  • 7 trick training videos including take a Bow, cover his eyes, dance, shake hands, how, play Dead and rollover
  • Obedience training 101, which includes: Using food to lure and train your dog to complete your commands, the critical element needed to get your dog to lie down or move items, key strategies for getting your dog to stay here, come to you and listen to your every command.

Wait for it! And there’s more

  • Dog training science and techniques
  • Gentle force three methods only
  • Best dog mental stimulation toys
  • Brainteaser games
  • Troubleshooting segments of the course
  • Video demonstrations of the dog training games

As I have already stated before, the course contains a lot of information. In some cases, this may make it difficult to learn, but I do not want to impose my opinion on you. It is up to you to decide for yourself; let me describe the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons

Comprehensive courseSeveral of the information was really common (walks in the park, toys, etc.)
InexpensiveSome materials are only available online, so you need the Internet (primarily if you practice lessons outside)
Discusses issues beyond the scope of the course
You can pause at any stage without losing the result
Simple to follow and step by step
You get to train your dog yourself

Do I recommend this course?

My answer to this question would definitely be “YES”. Especially if you feel uncomfortable with your dog or just looking for some entirely new methods to increase your dog’s mental activity. Then yes, this is an excellent training course for beginners.

You can train your puppy at home without any extra costs. After all, this course costs only $50, and you can get it back within two months. As for me, it was the smartest investment of $50 in recent years 🙂

My experience

Well, Rocky and I are still far from perfect and mutual understanding, in fact. It would be unfair to say that my puppy became an angel in just 2 weeks. No. Although I am already delighted with the results:

  • Rocky no longer chews shoes
  • does not whine at night
  • behaves much more adequately during a walk… yes, the reaction to cats is still a problem, I admit, but I just haven’t gotten to this section in the book yet (correction of reflexes)

One of the most important moments for me is that I have a pet and a real friend and almost a real family member. Let’s face it – dogs are usually family members, aren’t they?


Thank you for reading my review to the end ? Now you have a clearer idea about this course, which in my humble opinion, is just a treasure. Now I fully trust the author, who is undoubtedly an experienced dog trainer.

At the beginning of my search, I started to study other dog training courses, so I was especially curious to compare them. I don’t know if the other methods work, but Brain Dog Training has exceeded all my expectations. Maybe in the future, I will combine my experience and develop an author’s system too? ? Just kidding; I am not a professional.

I wish you good luck in mastering dog training at home, as well as patience and understanding with your pet!

>>> Try it yourself!

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